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A silver Killer Whale Totem Necklace pendant rests on a wooden slice, highlighting the smooth lines and tribal designs, echoing the spirit of the majestic orca.Multiple silver Killer Whale Totem Necklace pendants with ornate engravings, symbolizing family and communication, spread out for display
Killer Whale Totem Necklace! Precio de ofertaCHF 17.99
A intricately designed silver Snake Animal Totem Necklace laid upon a rusted iron rod, highlighting the texture and fluidity of the serpent design, representing transformation and healing.A silver Snake Animal Totem Necklace held between fingers, showing a detailed serpent entwined in an infinite loop, symbolizing eternal life and wisdom.
Snake Animal Totem Necklace! Precio de ofertaCHF 17.99
Hand holding a Guinea Pig Totem Necklace with front and back pendants, featuring a detailed guinea pig design in silver-tone metal, perfect for pet-themed jewelry collections.
Chic Seahorse Totem Necklace Pendant captured in a close-up on a dark leather background, highlighting the intricate openwork design that embodies marine elegance.A simple yet stylish Seahorse Totem Necklace Pendant on a silver chain, presented on a soft blue backdrop, invoking a sense of calm and creativity.
Intricate Goat Totem Pendant with a central goat head motif surrounded by ornate tribal patterns and symbols, crafted in sterling silver, evoking wisdom and ambition.
The Spirited Goat Totem Pendant! Precio de ofertaCHF 17.99
Golden Tortoise Totem Necklace displayed on a rough, multi-colored stone, highlighting the embossed shell details, representing patience and grounding energy.A Tortoise Totem Necklace with a well-crafted, brass-finished shell pendant, tied to a sturdy brown cord, displayed on a piece of driftwood, evoking a natural and earthy vibe.
Close-up of a Hedgehog Animal Totem pendant in silver, displayed on a neutral background, symbolizing curiosity and defense in nature-inspired jewelry design.Silver Hedgehog Animal Totem pendant showing dimensions, a charming representation of resourcefulness and protection in jewelry form
An Eagle Wing Totem Pendant grasped between fingers, demonstrating its detailed craftsmanship and the majestic spirit of the eagle in a wearable form.Detailed silver Eagle Wing Totem Pendant showcased on a rustic background, capturing the essence of courage and power in a jewelry piece.
Close-up of a Werewolf Totem Necklace Pendant worn with a black cord, featuring intricate tribal details on a wolf's head design in silver.Silver Werewolf Totem Necklace Pendant with a wolf's head and tribal engravings, displayed against a white background for contrast.
Werewolf Totem Necklace Pendant! Precio de ofertaCHF 17.99