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SABIDURIThe image shows the word "SABIDURI" in a bold, modern font with a registered trademark symbol.The image shows the word "SABIDURI" in a white bold, modern font with a registered trademark symbol.


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A person in a cozy hat and Sabiduri hoodie sits contemplatively atop a mountain at sunrise, with the silhouette of a neighboring peak visible against a soft sky of clouds.

are you awake?

A cheerful woman wearing a knit beanie takes a selfie with a serene mountain landscape and a hint of a rainbow in the background during dusk

3'763 meters / 12,346 feet

14.4747° N, 90.8806° W

A silhouette of a person performing a one-handed handstand on a desert dune against a beautiful sunset sky, with the sun casting a warm glow over the rippled sand texture.

as the choosen one,

we're divinely guided

A cheerful person in a knitted beanie and sweater standing in front of the Rainbow Mountain in Peru, playfully pointing to the sky with the unique colorful striations of the mountain visible in the background.

5'200 meters / 17,060 feet

13.8702° S, 71.3030° W

Manifestation Starts HERE!

Our spiritual awakening clothing is more than just apparel; it’s a beacon guiding you on your journey to self-discovery and inner wisdom. At S A B I D U R I, we understand that life is filled with signs and symbols—whether it’s seeing animals appearing in a specific moment, dreaming vividly, smelling a familiar (or not) perfume, or frequently seeing repeating numbers like 11:11. These experiences are not mere coincidences; these are signs and messages from the universe urging you to awaken.

Sabiduri’s clothing is crafted to support you on this spiritual journey. Each piece serves as a reminder of your connection to the universe and the wisdom that lies within you that goes behind what society teaches us.

Embrace these signs, trust your intuition, discover the deeper meanings in life, and let our apparel be a part of your awakening.

Are you ready to wake up?

Together, we awaken the world ✶


Awaken your intuition and unlock the universe's mysteries with our beautiful spiritual awakening clothing brand.

Are you ready to wake up?

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Built on a foundation of environmental consciousness and driven by a sense of self-empowerment, we create timeless products crafted to all the beautiful soul out there.

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At Sabiduri, from day one we have made responsibility part of our values, towards you, and also towards the environment, to affordability, quality, and ethical production.

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looking to awaken your inner peace and balance?

Discover what others have found in our spiritual wear.

If you are looking for something that will help bring balance and peace to your life... then this Sabiduri!


I've just got my Divinely Guided Sweater... can't wait to show this around!


My favorite hat so far, I love to shine with it!


Yes yes yes, Sabiduri is so unique! The material is really soft, relaxing and cozy. I can't wait to see what else is coming!