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Our Story

Welcome, you are Divinely Guided! We Are Patricio & Giorgy.

We dedicated our lives to finding a deep connection to our true inner selves through meditation, mindfulness, and other practices that bring peace and harmony into one's life.

That's why Sabiduri has been born!

We don't want to inspire you with just clothing or with pictures. We only inspire you to seek what your soul longs to find! Therefore, SABIDURI is so named because it was born to get together a group of souls who are looking for the same thing: to find their inner true wisdom aka Sabiduri.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about us and our mission. Our products have been carefully crafted with the intention of helping you bring peace and joy into your life. From apparel that helps spark mindfulness in everyday situations to meditation accessories that invite you to slow down, we have something for everyone.

We strive to create a community of like-minded wise people who are coming together to cultivate the peace and joy within us all.

Join us on our journey and follow us on social media for updates and inspiration! 

May you be blessed with love, joy, and self-discovery on this journey called life.

Our souls hug you

Patricio & Giorgia (The Sabiduri Founders)

We are who we are not only because of our experiences and upbringing but also because we have pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones.

It is through stepping outside of what is familiar and safe that we truly discover more about ourselves and the world around us. In particular, leaving our country to explore new cultures and perspectives can greatly contribute to our personal growth.

By immersing ourselves in different ways of life, we can challenge our beliefs, expand our horizons, and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. These experiences shape us into well-rounded individuals with a better sense of who we are and how we fit into the larger global community.

Ultimately, it is through these bold and courageous actions that we continue to evolve and become the unique individuals that we are.


There are thousands of Zara in the World. BUT Just ONE S A B I D U R I !

Just as every soul carries its own rhythm, every SABIDURI piece tells a unique story.

We are not just a brand; we are a community, a tribe, a chorus of voices singing the song of self-expression.

Can you hear it? It's the whisper of silk, the rustle of linen, the soft murmur of velvet. It's the symphony of SABIDURI. 🎶

Our pieces are not mere garments, they are companions on your journey of self-discovery. They are the reflections of your inner light, your spiritual essence. Do you see yourself in them? Do they speak to your soul?

We believe in inclusivity, in embracing all hues of humanity. Our tapestry is rich with threads from every corner of the globe. Isn't it beautiful how we can weave together our differences into something so harmonious, so vibrant? 🌍

So, we invite you, to step into the world of SABIDURI. Be a part of our story, let us be a part of yours.

Come, let's embark on this journey together. Will you join us?

Remember, there may be thousands of Zaras out there, but there is only ONE SABIDURI. Just as there is only one YOU. 🤍